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Passionné d'informatique, je m'intéresse actuellement aux technologies du Cloud Computing, à la sécurité des systèmes & réseaux, et au Web.

Git: push a new commit before a tag

Last day, I faced a case where I had to backport a bug in a software which was released by a git tag. As far I know, there is no easy way to simply push a patch before a tag, so here is how I proceeded: ?View Code BASH# Checkout the upstream git checkout master read more »

Why OpenStack Puppet modules did not have vacation

About OpenStack Puppet modules OpenStack has a lot of projects and all need to be configured to make an infrastructure working as we want. That means we needs one puppet module by project. Like we have in most of modules, each of them is made up of several class definitions, resource declarations, defined resources, and read more »