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Passionné d'informatique, je m'intéresse actuellement aux technologies du Cloud Computing, à la sécurité des systèmes & réseaux, et au Web.

My Journey As An OpenStack PTL

This story explains why I started to stop working as a anarchistic-multi-tasking-schedule-driven and learnt how to become a good team leader.

Puppet OpenStack achievements during Newton cycle

Let’s do a quick retro.

Scaling-up TripleO CI coverage with scenarios

TripleO CI up to eleven!

Puppet OpenStack success during Mitaka cycle

The winter is almost finished and Mitaka cycle is about to end. It’s time to celebrate our success and get prepared to our next challenges.

Puppet OpenStack plans for Mitaka

Our Tokyo week just ended and I really enjoyed to be at the Summit with the Puppet OpenStack folks. This blog post summarizes what we did this week and what we plan for the next release.

Reviewing Puppet OpenStack patches

Reviewing code takes to me 20% of my work. It’s a lot of time, but not too much when you look at OpenStack velocity. To be efficient, you need to understand how review process works and have the right tools in hand.

Liberty cycle retrospective in Puppet OpenStack

Things are moving very fast in OpenStack; it might be useful to take a short break and write down a little bit of retrospective; it will help to see what happened in Puppet OpenStack project during the last months.