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    OpenStack 101 at Ubuntu Party (Paris)

    Today and tomorrow in Paris are Ubuntu days: this is the Ubuntu Party. A lot of workshops, conferences and good interations with Ubuntu Users / developpers made my Saturday a good day. I led a 40 minutes (too short!) session to explain what is OpenStack. If you missed it, you can find my slides here:

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    Git: push a new commit before a tag

    Last day, I faced a case where I had to backport a bug in a software which was released by a git tag. As far I know, there is no easy way to simply push a patch before a tag, so here is how I proceeded: ?View Code BASH# Checkout the upstream git checkout master git fetch --all git pull ?View Code BASH# List the tags git tag 1.0.0 1.1.0 Let’s say we want to add a commit before 1.0.0: ?View Code BASH# Create a branch from the tag git checkout -b backport_1.0.0 1.0.0 # Apply your backport touch fix git add fix git commit -m "Fix a bug" git…

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    Bringing High Availability to Quantum Server

    Introduction Quantum is going to be a core project in OpenStack next release (Folsom). If we use Quantum as the Network Manager, we can’t configure nova-network in multi_host mode, that’s why we loose High Availability for nova-network. Quantum-Server can be a single-point-of-failure, that’s why I was thinking about how to fix that. As everyone in the list, I could see that Hastexo and Sebastien Han worked on Nova RA (Resource Agent) for Pacemaker. I decided to work on Quantum Server RA and wrote something very close from other agents. You can directly have a look on the RA GitHub or follow my HowTo below. Note : with this RA, we…

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    Running an OpenFlow Network with OpenStack Quantum & Floodlight

    Introduction While Quantum is still incubating in OpenStack Essex, we can see Open-Source plugins compatible with differents technologies. For remind, a Plugin makes possible the communication between Networking technologies & Networking features in OpenStack, like virtual NICs and virtual Bridges. Most of the features we can find today are L2. In a close future, we will see extended L3 features and other stuffs. Today, I’m interesting about OpenFlow which becomes a standard in the network technologies. Recently, OpenFlow community released an OpenFlow Plugin for Quantum. After playing with it, I decided to write some words about its implementation. Let’s go.   Prepare the Network Controller We are going to use…

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    Openstack Essex – Guide for Ubuntu 12.04

    It has been a long time since I didn’t write something here. But today, I’m proud to release my first documentation on OpenStack. I’ve been working for three weeks with StackOps for my internship, and my work is about Quantum (Networking as a service in OpenStack).   It was quite difficult to have a working infrastructure because Quantum is only in “incubation” for Essex release. That’s why I release a documentation in which anyone can test this fabulous software. You can find this documentation with all configuration files & scripts here. Or read it directly here :   Share & Enjoy ! N.B. : Thank’s to StackOps team for the…

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    Test de la Beta HP Cloud Services

    Grâce à une personne très gentille, j’ai la chance de pouvoir tester le nouveau Cloud d’HP qui sera bientôt disponible à tous. Pour rappel, HP se lance dans le Cloud public avec l’arrivée d’HP Cloud Services qui propose tout comme ses concurrents (RackSpace, IBM, …) un cloud de type IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service).   Je me suis donc précipité sur l’invitation, et j’ai créé mon compte afin de tester tout ça. Pour tout vous avouer, ce qui m’a le plus motivé à tester le produit, c’est évidemment le fait qu’il soit basé sur OpenStack. Je vous rapporte donc ce que j’ai testé, et les différentes fonctionnalités que j’ai appréciées…