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    OpenStack 101 at Ubuntu Party (Paris)

    Today and tomorrow in Paris are Ubuntu days: this is the Ubuntu Party. A lot of workshops, conferences and good interations with Ubuntu Users / developpers made my Saturday a good day. I led a 40 minutes (too short!) session to explain what is OpenStack. If you missed it, you can find my slides here:

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    Why OpenStack Puppet modules did not have vacation

    About OpenStack Puppet modules OpenStack has a lot of projects and all need to be configured to make an infrastructure working as we want. That means we needs one puppet module by project. Like we have in most of modules, each of them is made up of several class definitions, resource declarations, defined resources, and custom types/providers. Multiple companies and…

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    Yet another way to monitor OpenStack

    The project For one year, I’ve been working on OpenStack deployments and the first thing I do after each of them is to setup monitoring. There is some interesting ways that you could read on Internet. One of them is from Mirantis and explains that you could monitor API with check_http method. In my opinion, that’s not enough to use…

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    What’s new in OpenStack Folsom ?

    Introduction “F” release is the next stable version of OpenStack. Since Essex has been released in April 2012, we can see that many new features are coming thanks to developers. The biggest one is for sure that Quantum is now a core project and Virtual Networking is rapidly approaching. Volume service has now its own separated project : Cinder. We…