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First Guide to Deploy OpenStack Folsom on Ubuntu 12.04

F release aka Folsom, will be at the end of the month the next stable release of OpenStack.

I could not wait until the official release to perform some tests, and also decided to get their hands dirty in playing without using DevStack.

Reading the mailing list every day, I can see that I’m not alone who is testing it, so I decided to write a first guide which helps in the Folsom Deployment on Ubuntu 12.04.

I took the decision to use Folsom Testing Packages since this PPA stays close to master code of each project. It was actually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to report packaging issues, and to get things moving for Ubuntu.

Keep in mind my work is still under development, but please fill free to report any problem.

Good testing !

Note : This documentation has been merged on the OpenStack Official Documentation. Please patch directly on the openstack-manuals github.

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