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Reviewing Puppet OpenStack patches

Reviewing code takes to me 20% of my work. It’s a lot of time, but not too much when you look at OpenStack velocity. To be efficient, you need to understand how review process works and have the right tools in hand.



Contribute to OpenStack

I’m not going to copy/paste what is already documented. If you never contributed to OpenStack before, you should first read OpenStack developer guide.



Understand Puppet OpenStack code:

Now you’re technically all set to send contributions, you need to learn how Puppet OpenStack group works:

Almost ready…


Get the right tools

If you like Web UI and don’t work much with terminals, you better to use Puppet OpenStack Inbox Gerrit URL.

Otherwise, you can use Gertty which allows you to use Gerrit in a terminal. I prefer this option because I’m able to do reviews more efficiently and faster.

Here is an example of gertty.yaml (configuration file):


  • F1: Help
  • F2: My changes
  • F3: Puppet specs
  • F4: Puppet patches that need “Approval”
  • F5: Puppet backports
  • F6: Puppet disagreements
  • F7: Puppet patches without negative feedback
  • F8: Infra patches that contain “Puppet”: useful to review our CI jobs
  • F9: Governance patches that contain “Puppet”: as a PTL, useful to review Puppet governance changes

I highly suggest to read reviewer guide before engage your first review process.
Please stay professional and keep smile 😉

Happy reviewing!

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