What’s new in OpenStack Folsom ?


F” release is the next stable version of OpenStack.

Since Essex has been released in April 2012, we can see that many new features are coming thanks to developers. The biggest one is for sure that Quantum is now a core project and Virtual Networking is rapidly approaching. Volume service has now its own separated project : Cinder.

We are going to see here what you can’t miss to know for next release.

Note : Keep in mind the list is not exhaustive and I note here the highlights only.



PTL for the next 6 months : Joe Heck

Features Description URL
API V3 in Draft
  • Domains (collections of projects)
  • Role API restructuring
  • Rename “tenant” to “project”
  • Extended policy-implementation-specific API
PKI Support
  • Improve the security of tokens
  • Provide more scalable and secured SSO



PTL for the next 6 months : Brian Waldon

Features Description URL
  • Users fall in 3 classes : Anonymous, Authenticated, Admins
  • Image management (rights, ownership, new API concepts)
bin/glance is deprecated In favor of python-glanceclient Blueprint
Store image data in tenant-specific swift accounts Store image data in the authenticated user’s swift account Blueprint
Glance Replication Copy images from one glance deployment to another



PTL for the next 6 months : Vish Ishaya

Features Description URL
Volumes decoupled Cinder can be run in standalone Blueprint
Host aggregation improvements
  • Decouple xen pool addition from host aggregate
  • Ensure multi-membership works
  • Decouple availability zone
  • Expose aggregate data to scheduler
Quantum API Integration New networking API designed for Quantum Blueprint
XenAPI Improvement
  • Boot from volume
  • Live migration
  • Live migration without Shared Storage
Deprecated Auth removed Only Keystone auth is supported now Blueprint
Hyper-V Support Use Hyper-V 2008 or 2012 as the Hypervisor Blueprint



PTL for the next 6 months : John Griffith

Features Description URL
Migration from nova-volume Existing volumes should continue to work Blueprint
Availability zone Users can specify “availability zone” when they create volumes using Simple scheduler. Blueprint



PTL for the next 6 months : Dan Wendlandt

Features Description URL
API V2 New API with new features described below Wiki
New CLI Commands to manage Quantum Blueprint
Melange integration IPAM into Quantum Blueprint
L3 + NAT Basic L3 + NAT forwarding Blueprint
DHCP DHCP support Blueprint
Notification support Used to push logging and usage information. Blueprint
Provider networks Other types of networks can be registered with Quantum Blueprint
Public networks Network that provides access to the Internet for example Blueprint
Authorization support Authorization support with keystone Blueprint
API quotas Limit the set of resources a tenant can consume in a flexible way Blueprint
Multi Plugin in Draft “metaplugin” will allow multi-plugin in same time (targeted for G release) Blueprint

I highly recommend to read this article to understand how works Quantum.



PTL for the next 6 months : Gabriel Hurley

Features Description URL
 Compression  django-compressor implementation Blueprint
 Nova-volume is optionnal  Volumes has now a new panel Blueprint
Quantum Support
  • Public(shared) network can be created by admin role
  • L2 Support only (no Floating IP yet)
Cinder Support  Switch from nova-volumes to Cinder Blueprint
LESS transition  Transition of all of The Horizon CSS to LESS Blueprint
Support For Nested Swift Objects Support of pseudo folders within the dashboard Blueprint
Prevent from admin login If you are logged into admin, you have a warning when you manage other tenants
UI Improvements A lot of new features to manage users, projects, create instances, etc



PTL for the next 6 months : John Dickinson

Features Description URL
Changed db_preallocation to False  to avoid failures and degradations Review
Expand recon middleware support Support for account and container
Extract client library Separate swift & into an other repo Blueprint
Move keystone middleware into swift Blueprint
Move proxy server logging to middleware Review
Adapt Swift for Webob 1.2b3 Review



Congratulations to developers !

If you want to deploy OpenStack Folsom, you can use the guide I wrote in which I explain how to install Folsom packages into Ubuntu 12.04 with Ubuntu Folsom Testing PPA.

In the future, you will have to use Cloud Archive to upgrade into Folsom with Ubuntu 12.04, or to use Ubuntu 12.10.

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